A Story of Remarkable Purity

Bass Strait is the ferocious stretch of ocean that separates mainland Australia from Tasmania. Antarctic driven swells are magnified in the strait, creating powerful, wild storm waves. It is twice as wide, and twice as rough as the English channel.

It is this wild stretch of sea that lends the term “Roaring Forties”.

And within these Roaring Forties are some of the most famous and legendary Beef, Lamb and Pork producing regions in the world.

The cleanest air in the world blows over the pastures here. The lush grass grows year round.

They nourish animals renowned for the delicate and special flavour of their meat, cared for by farmers who are masters of their craft.

Truly remarkable products with a story of remarkable purity.

Sea Tales

“We put Roaring Forties Lamb on the menu at our world class restaurant, Vue de Monde, as soon as we tried it.”

Shannon Bennett, Vue de Monde, Melbourne
Awarded 3 Chef Hats in The Age Guide, 8 years running

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“I had my first taste of the meat from the Roaring Forties when I was in Melbourne, at Attica.

Knowing it comes from such a beautiful landscape, I wanted to tell you how much I liked it– delicious.

Michael Pollan, Author – The Omnivore’s Dilemna

“Delicious lamb. Is there seconds?

Barack Obama, President of the USA. Commenting on Roaring Forties Lamb – G20 Summit, Brisbane, 2014


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