The Roaring Forties

Remarkable Purity

Tasmania and Southern Victoria are prime farming regions in Southern Australia.

They are located in a legendary stretch of latitudes known as “The Roaring Forties”


The wild winds of Bass Strait – known as the “Roaring Forties” whip over the lush pastures of Tasmania and Southern Victoria. So strong are these gales that the trees near the coast grow on an angle away from the wind.

The cleanest air in the world is carried by these winds – purifying the landscape – one that is free from pollution and foreign matter.



Large antarctic swells magnify in Bass Strait, often creating ferocious and wild conditions.

This stretch of ocean is one of the most famous and legendary in the world.

Trace ocean elements and minerals are released from the stormy waves, and carried over the coastal pastures by the strong gales of of the Roaring Forties.


The farming land found in Tasmania and Southern Victoria, where our Roaring Forties farmers are based, is some of the most nutrient rich, and well managed pastures anywhere in the world.

Combined with the temperate climate that the sea brings, it makes this region perfect for growing grass and fodder crops year round – a feat rarely matched by any other region in the world.


The natural elements, combined with modern and ethical farming practices leads to what we can only describe as some of the best meat in the world.

Delicate, Sweet Lamb.

Marbled, Tender Beef.

Delicious, Balanced Pork.

All of them raised in one of the most stunning natural environments in the world, with only the very best making the Roaring Forties grade.

Merricote Lamb

Roaring Forties Lamb Nose to Tail.

Left to Right – Grilled Cutlet, Roast Loin, Slow cooked Shoulder, Chargrilled Fillet, Crumbed Sweetbreads.

Merricote Restaurant, Melbourne, Australia. Chef – Rob Kabboord